12 December 2006

Meerkat Pinotage

I wondered how long it would be before the popular Meerkat would appear on a winelabel. Now Welbedacht winery has introduced Meerkat Chenin Blanc and Pinotage. Neil Pendock said of the maiden vintage 2005 " This juicy Pinotage offers you the sensual extravaganza of mocca chocolate, sweet plums and soft vanilla."

I am indebted to Werner Rix of Wine Routes of South Africa for news of these wines in his regular newsletter, which also contains the titbit that Domein Doornkraal have produced a sweet blend of Pinotage and Tinta Barocca which they named Pinta.

Good name - but I can foresee amusing confusions with visitors from Britain where Pinta means a pint of milk

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  1. Anonymous18:11

    Oh my gosh! I was on SAA, return flight to Cape Town. I was not sure what i wanted to drink, so i opted for some red wine... for the first time, i tried Meerkat and it was heaven in my mouth! I swear i have not tasted a red wine as great as this!!! it was also the first time that i had experienced Meerkat! I drink wines, but i am far from being a connoiseur! so, i wrote the name down (Meerkat- Burrows) but was not clever enough to write whether it was a Pinotage or what type of red it was--- so, i obviously want to experience meerkat again and wanted to find out the following:
    1. Is it Meerkat Pinotage that SAA serves to its flyers?
    2. Where can i purchase Meerkat? is it available at retail outlets? I was at a Spar close to my home and they did not have it on their shelves.

    Please answer these 2 questions for me before this weekend so that my partner and i can look forward to enjoying this taste experience together. He is not a wine drinker because he finds it all to acidic, but i am certain that he will enjoy this one!
    Eagerly awaiting your response.
    082 611 5612