14 February 2016

World First Sparkling Pinotage Released for Valentines Day!

Blanc de Noirs = White (wine) from Black (grapes)

Today, Valentine’s Day, you can toast your love for the first time in sparkling white Pinotage, but you have to go to Los Gatos, California to do so.

Loma Prieta winery, the USA's largest producer of Pinotage, has created the world’s first 100% white sparkling wine from black Pinotage grapes.

Last August about ten tons of  Pinotage grapes were harvested at 19 brix from the Amorosa vineyard in Lodi, California to be pressed in Geyserville for sparkling wine.

Paul Kemp (photo courtesy Terry Reilly)
The finished wine was released this weekend. Loma Prieta's owner Paul Kemp says, “I am very excited about this wine.”

Beyers Truter, Chairman of the South African producers’ Pinotage Association told me last week, “they’re the first. I don’t think anyone else has done this.”

Pinotage has been used as a component in several sparkling wines in South Africa over the years, both pink and white but no single varietal white sparkling Pinotage has been produced.

Congratulations to Paul Kemp and the Loma Prieta team. I look forward to tasting this world first.

 (photo courtesy Terry Reilly)


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