31 October 2022

WoTM - De Grendel 'Amandelboord' Pinotage, Durbanville 2019


My Wine of The Month for October is De Grendel Amandelboord Pinotage 2019 (Estate Wine of Origin Durbanville).

This is a most enjoyable new style Pinotage. Its dark red with bright clear ed highlights where it catches the light. Surprisingly the label states it's 15% abv because it doesn't show the alcohol.

Subdued tannins, no leather tones, but fruit of the forest on the palate and finished all too soon.

08 October 2022

Pinotage Day is Today


Which Pinotage shall I open? Which Pinotage will you open?

07 October 2022

It was never the grape’s fault says Beyerskloof winemaker Anri Truter

“It was never the grape’s fault,” Beyerskloof winemaker Anri Truter says of the historical perception of Pinotage in the UK. 

This is the first sentence in Drinks Retailer, a UK off- trade magazine, on Pinotage titled Can South African Pinotage make a comeback? – an analysis by Lucy Britner.

Read the article here