08 January 2008

Stormhoek -- "Opportunity for Reinvention"

Stormhoek are putting a brave face on the collapse of parent company Orbital Wines. “From down in South Africa, we view this as an opportunity for reinvention.” Using computing terminology they are calling it “Stormhoek 2.0.”

“In three short years, Stormhoek has grown from zero to about 200,000 cases in the UK market,” says a statement posted today on the Stormhoek website, “For those members of the wine trade fraternity who may suffer in Orbital’s reorganization, we are sorry and we are working with them to minimize any problems. We hope that we can make it up to you in the future with mutually beneficial business.”

Meanwhile “back at the vineyard, we are busy thinking about harvest and the more mundane things we need to do to get wines made and in the hands of customers around the world.”

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