09 July 2009

Virginia's SA Wine & Food Festival at Grayhaven Winery

Grayhaven Winery will be holding their fourth annual South African Wine and Food Festival this weekend over three days Friday 11 thru Sunday 13 July.

As well as pouring their own estate grown Pinotage, they'll have a selection of South African wines including Wildekrans 2007 Pinotage which was chosen as wine of the week in the current issue of Richmond Times-Despatch.

Grayhaven Winery is in central Virginia midway between Richmond and Charlottesville.

Visit the special Festival web-site for full details - http://www.southafricanfoodfest.com/

The Pinotage Club visited Grayhaven in September 2008 -- see our report and videos here


  1. Anonymous15:11

    I attended the festival on Saturday with my wife and kids. The parking areas were nearly full, so there was a good crowd. The tasting tent was shaded and had a short wait. We tried most of the SA wines and many of the Grayhaven wines. With two young kids, we were not able to keep notes on which wines were best, but we did have one very good Pinotage, and a good variety of others. The Lichi and Mango sangrias were also tasty. The food was excellent, though the line was long. The Grayhaven winery did a great job with this festival.

  2. Thanks for posting, Anonymous. Shame you can't recall the Pinotage you enjoyed but you did well to get to taste any wines with a young family in tow.

    I understand that South African wines left over after the event will be available from Grayhaven, so you might be able to recognise the ones you enjoyed and take some home.

  3. Anonymous03:07

    Thanks. I live close to Grayhaven, so I will try to visit soon to see what they have left. My wife just told me that it was the Wildekrans pinotage we tasted first, and it was notably good, even in the half-ounce sample.Update: I just found the wine order form from the tasting booth, and I had circled two of my favorites: Brampton Viognier 2007, and Wildekrans Pinotage 2007.

    As for Grayhaven wines, I like the Pinotage, Rendezvous, and Trekker. At the VIP tent, which I did not go to, the Onyx Pinotage 2005 was available.

    I posted anonymously because my Safari browser threw errors when I tried using my Google account to post.