01 November 2009

Diemersfontein Pinotage by owner David Sonnenberg (video)

David Sonnenberg, owner of Diermersfontein winery in Wellington which pioneered the popular 'coffee'n'chocolate' style of Pinotage, talks about how the wine has changed as it approaches its tenth aniversary.



  1. Anonymous17:21

    Peter, went to SA/Capetown and Stellenbosch area year ago and deeply crave good pinotage over here in the central US. I recently had a Neil Ellis 2007 Pinotage, which I would have thought was a mid-level so-so pino and it was great. I recall great pinotages being everywhere in SA whereas now as I scan the web for ones here in the US it is extremely difficult to find more than a few scant types. Where can I find Diemersfontain and more pinotages without paying thru the nose over here in the US?!? Help a convert out!

    Dave R, Texas

  2. Hi Dave

    Diemersfontein is now available in the USA -- see my earlier post here http://www.pinotage.org/2009/07/coffee-chocolate-comes-to-california.html ...

    I know distribution of SA Pinotages is pretty patchy in the USA, but check also the Pinotages made in California -- search this blog for keyword California to find the winery details.

    Good luck with your search!


  3. Anonymous14:16

    Hi Dave, do you perhaps have David's e-mail address ?
    Thank you !