20 May 2015

Abraham and the Heretics

Just launched is Abraham and the Heretics, a new Pinotage created by Richard Kelley MW for  importer Dreyfus Ashby intended for independent stores where it should retail at under £10.

Abraham is A I Perold, creator of Pinotage and the front represents him addressing a group of Pinotage sceptics while the back label quotes Helen Keller “The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next”.

I tasted the first vintage, 2013 and found a most approachable and drinkable wine with soft ripe juicy fruits, feels light bodied although has 14% abv.

Richard (above) says Abraham and the Heretics is something of a tongue-in-cheek challenge to Pinotage non-believers to accept the variety into their vinous lives.


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