27 January 2018

Ashbourne Pinotage-Cinsaut set for UK

Anthony Hamilton Russell intends  to export his new Ashbourne Pinotage-Cinsaut blend to the UK in 2019, according to Harpers trade magazine. 

“For some time now, I have wanted to master a blend of these two underrated varieties,” said Hamilton Russell. 

This Ashbourne is a blend of 80% Pinotage and 20% Cinsaut, both sourced from Swartland. 225 cases of the unwooded 12.99% abv initial 2017 vintage was made. 

Hamilton Russell said that while Ashbourne's estate Pinotage “produces wonderful Pinotage, but it's tighter and more taut – this is a very different expression.”

“It's time South Africa started doing this misunderstood variety justice - the wonderful intrinsic quality capabilities of the grape have always been there. Bolder, more open-minded, new generation, site-driven winemakers with aesthetic aims far more in tune with sophisticated consumers - local and international - are creating a bright new future for Pinotage.”

Read the full story by James Lawrence here.

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