09 February 2007

Pink for Valentines Day

That day is almost upon us, and as I look out at the heavy snowfall covering everything with white and merging into the freezing fog in the near distance so that it seems I am in a white cocoon my thoughts turn to a warming mouthfilling red Pinotage.

But if you're looking for pink, Pinotage makes a most attractive wine . Award winning Pinotage makers Stormhoek have put a special Big Love cartoon label on their pink Pinotage, and are currently touring UK branches of Tesco promoting it. It is also available in Pick'n'Pay branches in South Africa

Wine Diva Caroline Lowings has chosen Spier Discover Pinotage Rose as her Valentines Pick of the Week; she finds it "a delicious profusion of candy, strawberry and lingering berries."

The last Pinotage Rose I had was Sperling and Sperling Pinotage Rose, made at Delheim Estate by Canadian winemaker Ann Sperling of Malivoire Wines in Ontario together with Victor Sperling of Delheim. It had a delightful rosy colour, natural Pinotage sweetness makes this dry wine very approachable drunk on its own as an aperitif. It is available in Ontario LCBO stores.

Back home, this is my Muller Thurgau vine.....
but I'm smiling because, if they've cleared the runways of snow, I'll be flying to Cape Town tomorrow, and I have a lunch booking at Delheim Estate for Monday where I might just order a bottle of their Pinotage Rose. Because it is going to be hot there!!


  1. Anonymous11:51

    an ideal thing for a perfect couple on a perfect situation on valentines day! great post1 keep up!

  2. stormhoek continue to innovate and challenge conventional marketing of wine. it really is refreshing!

    how long are you in Cape Town for?

  3. Hi Cru Master -- I'll be in the Cape until 14 March, staying in Gordons Bay. I worked out it is quicker to go up the R44 into the winelands from there than Cape Town :)

  4. Anonymous09:05

    strategically placed in gordons bay!!

    would be great to meet up for a glass of vino at some stage!

    my no: 0845873804