26 July 2007

Beaumont’s Elegance And Finesse

Winemaker Sebastian Beaumont writes with news from Walker Bay of Beaumont Wines vintage:

“A mild early part of summer with December and early January being the coolest in 30 years, the reverse of the season in Europe it seems, was a sign of an excellent harvest to come. The grapes on the vines were looking fantastic – healthy, small berries and there were already some great flavours in the early varieties.

Pinotage was the first red to be harvested. We have some old Pinotage vineyards that were planted when Raoul and Jayne first arrived on the farm in 1974 that have such a different tannin and flavour make up compared to the younger vines. We will be making a 50/50 blend of the two blocks which we find contributes to the elegance and finesse of our Pinotage.”

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