17 August 2007

Cullinan View 2005 by Robertson Winery

We spent the weekend at the Festival of History. There were hundreds and hundreds of historical reeanactors and we watched battles between Vikings and Normans, Parliamentarians against Royalists (pictured left Sir Thomas, Lord Fairfax commanding the Parliamentarian Army, surveys the battlefied), First World War German Triplanes strafing a British Army patrol, Roman legions drill and more. There were encampments representing forces from the Bronze Age up to the 2nd World War, even a Boer fighter's camp. There were mediaeval smithies pumping leather bellows to forge iron tools, knights jousting, birds of prey, jesters and many wood fires cooking everything from whole pigs to bread. And the constant sounds of explosions from cannons, mortars, flint-lock guns, maxims and massed musket fire. There were historical workshops and talks by eminent historians.

But we found no wine at the Festival other than Elderberry Port (are they allowed to call it that?) and other fruit wines in the souvenir marquee. So back at the hotel I scanned the wine list with a sinking heart, and settled on Cullinan View 2005 Pinotage. This is a brand that I have only seen in hotels and the last time I ordered it it many years ago, it- the 97 vintage - was very disappointing.

However this 2005 vintage wine (Wine of Origin Robertson) was delightful; light bodied with an abundance of raspberry fruit flavours. Really shows how good even basic Pinotage is these days. The number A280 on the back label shows it was produced by Robertson Winery. Well done chaps!
We enjoyed it so much that we ordered another bottle the following night. Cost £15.95 but a quick Google shows the price varies greatly depending how rapacious the markup is.

Parliamentary cavalry attack Royalists

Parliamentary cavalry attack Royalist pikemen

WWI British soldiers relax in their trench

WWI British soldiers relax in their trench

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