03 December 2007

Major's Hill 2005

DeWald Louw (pictured right) tells me that the first time, some years ago, that I reviewed his wine I remarked only that it was fault-free. I don’t remember the occasion but let me state right away that the current 2005 vintage is also ‘fault free’.

This wine has a perfumed fruity nose, and also some warmth on the finish from the 15% alcohol. However the alcohol doesn’t show in the taste which offers sweet berry and fruits-of-the-forest flavours. The wine is bright with a good balancing crisp acidity.

I really enjoyed Major’s Hill 2005 and look forward to opening future bottles.

WO Robertson
ABV– 15%
Tasted October 07 with food

Text and photographs copyright Peter F May (c) 2007

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