24 June 2008

Top 10 Cut-off is 9 July

Entries for the annual Pinotage Top 10 Competition must be in by 9 July.

The competition, organised by the Pinotage Association and sponsored by Absa Bank, is open to all Pinotage wines no matter where in the world they are produced.

The competition is unusual in that ten equal winners are chosen. This is to recognise that there are many different ways to interpret the Pinotage variety and to give a chance to them all.

Every competition so far at least one first time entrant has been a winner.

Rules and entry forms may be found at the Pinotage Association website here.


  1. Anonymous11:26

    Hallo Peter

    I was at the Pinotage Association wine tasting 2008. Would you like to share in my tasting notes?