31 October 2008

Durbanville Hills Pinotage is the Star

Durbanville Hills cellarmaster Martin Moore has been travelling through Canada and the United States promoting his wines. He writes in his current newsletter:

"On the visit to North America the Pinotage was the star of the show, and I found myself sharing many a glass of it over extended lunches with wine writers before rushing to even longer dinners with agents and clients. Agents and their customers often tell us our Pinotage is very different from what is usually produced from this cultivar."

He says it's the cool climate environment in the Durbanville hills that brings out the Pinot Noir heritage resulting in more strawberry and blackberry flavours coming to the fore.


  1. Wow, an entire blog for Pinotage. Have never had one that I liked but I am going to give the Steltzner (Napa) offering a shot.

  2. Anonymous18:29

    Pinotage deserves more than an entire blog ;)

    I wasn't even aware that Durbanville made a decent Pinotage, and right in my back garden!

    Looking forward to a tasting at Durbanville Hills...

    Brandon Marc
    My Wine Cellar

  3. Hi Brandon

    Durbanville Hills Pinotage was on the menu of a hotel I stayed at at Bloubergstrand and I was very pleased with the wine, which I hadn't had before, or seen since.

    Worth a visit, I look forward to reading about it in your blog. Also, while you're there, try Nitida