12 June 2009

Pieter Malan on Simonsig Redhill -- and a response!

Pieter Malan is one of the three brothers who own Simonsig. Francois toils in the vineyards, Johan works in the winery so I see Pieter most often as he is responsible for marketing and so travels the world living out of suitcases to attend wine fairs. Here he is last month at the London wine fair talking about Simonsig's Redhill Pinotage 2006.

Redhill is from a single vineyard and is aged in oak barrels. Simonsig's other Pinotage is one of a few unwooded examples.
Alex Lake, below, tasted the Redhill 2006 at the Pinotage Top 10 stand that I was manning; this is his reaction to the wine.


1 comment:

  1. I was introduced to Redhill Pinotage "twice". Both times it was after consuming some other reds. And everytime it still managed to make an impression.

    My "introducer" was off to the estate on Saturday to see if he could get some more. And I have put my order in...............