21 May 2010

Video - Mark Lindhorst and Lindhorst Pinotage

Mark Lindhorst slaved as an accountant until he had enough to buy a farm in Paarl where he re-planted vineyards and added .6ha of Pinotage from which is made around 4,000 bottles "with love and devotion because we are Proudly South African."

Mark was in London for the annual wine trade fair where I asked him to tell us about his silver medal winning 2006 Pinotage.


  1. Mark Lindhorst's Pinotage is quite sublime. For me the memorable wine was Pinotage 2006. Yet his name does not immediately spring to mind when you talk about excellence with this varietal. As yet, undiscovered I guess.

  2. I agree, Glenda. Lindhorst is rather below the radar.