01 July 2010

Barista Coffee Pinotage Comes to USA

Barista Pinotage has come to the USA, imported by the Indigo Wine Group, of Venice, Florida and being distributed throughout the country.

Barista, as the name implies, is a coffee accented wine maded by Bertus Fourie who pioneered the style a decade ago.

The coffee flavours come purely from the wine: real coffee is no more used in its production than there is cats' pee in Sauvignon Blanc. The coffee flavours are accentuated by judicious oaking and choice of yeast plus Pinotage attributes.

Bertus talks about Barista in the following video


  1. I can't find any American online distributors. Can you help? I sampled Barista Pinotage at a local restaurant and LOVED it!

    1. If you are still looking, we carry the delicious 2013 Barista
      Beekman Wines & Liquors
      Glen Rock, NJ

  2. Lauren, Hi !

    Suggest you check the distributes website http://www.indigowinegroup.com or contact them direct.

    Best of luck!

  3. Tinabina00:05

    Just opened this bad boy......LOVE it!!
    Slight smokey aroma & immediate coffee taste rolls in & then finishes w/ a taste one gets of black cherries when they are overripe. One word.......YUMMY! Thank you for this. Now if someone can just grill me a steak I'd be in heaven. :-)

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