04 June 2011

Kanokop Kadette is 'Beautifully structured'

I think Kanonkop's Kadette 2009 Cape Blend is the best vintage they have ever made, and I have bought cases of it for my wine tasting and home consumption. I first tasted it at the winery in January and said very impressive ... this vintage is a step up, being much more serious. There’s less upfront obvious fruit and a classic linearity.

In today's Telegraph Victoria Moore picks it as one of her top summer wines.

Kanonkop Kadette 2009

There’s no mistaking the origin of this bold red: it’s a big, smoky South African blend of pinotage, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc, aged in old French oak. Beautifully structured, with notes of roasted coffee beans and leather. It would be brilliant with blackened barbecue meat – spare ribs and steaks.

'Beautifully structured' - yes, spot on!



  1. My dad bought 2 cases of the 2003 Kadette, and my word is it drinking well now! So last year I went to the farm myself and tried the 2008 Kadette and unfortunately, I was thoroughly unimpressed. So my question is this: If you've tasted the '08 as well as the'09, what are your thoughts on the differences? After I've typed this I'm heading out to get a bottle for myself to compare, but I think it would be interesting to engage in some conversation with someone else over the matter.

  2. Hi Bryce

    Put it like this, I didn't buy any 2008 but I hav ebought cases of the 2009. I have presented it at a couple of wine tastings and got very positive feedback. I think it is excellent as per my first sentence above.

    In the past Kanonkop wines definitely needed aging before they showed their best, lucky you with some 2003 Kadette left, and I think the 2009 Kadette will also develop, but nowadays Kanonkops are so approachable when young and I am enjoying it so much I doubt I'll manage to keep it for 8 years like your clever Dad.

    Let me know how you found the 2009 either here or by email - my address is under my photo top right.