09 January 2012

Sultry, Heady & Tantalizingly Delicious!

Wines of the Month

Diemersfontein Pinotage 2009
Sultry, Heady & Tantalizingly Delicious!
(Wellington, South Africa.)/$18-$22

This hallmark expression of Pinotage is characterized by not-so-subtle hints of roasted coffee and dark chocolate…and it has earned so much praise and achieved so much popularity that a number of cognoscenti attribute this highly distinctive version of Pinotage from David Sonnenberg with having saved and lifted Pinotage from longstanding commercial obscurity. Folks, not all Pinotage will taste like this…or be this amazingly wonderful…so seek this one out and give it a whirl. Once you do…I’m certain of two things – 1) you too will be singing its praise -- and 2) it won’t be your last bottle

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  1. Anonymous12:32

    As a South African and being proud of "our own" grape, I am glad that the coffee and dark chocolate taste is popular with some wine drinkers. People who would not normally drink Pinotage, may now be lured to try it and may like it! Many cellars have climbed on this bandwagon and it certainly increases the awareness of Pinotage which is good. It is however not the preferred taste for many Pinotage lovers. I trust that winemakers will distinguish between the normal Pinotage wines and the Coffee and Chocolate flavoured wines on their labels so as not to confuse consumers.

  2. This is a truly wonderful wine. Good choice! I am going to taste Diemersfontein Pinotage 2011 with some friends tonight.

  3. hi i would like to know more about pinotage,

    is it a food friendly grape, what is the percentage of sales specifically in toronto, and how popular is it. what is some food pairings that could accomdate the pinotage.


  4. ahasmani - feel free to email me with questions.
    Yes Pinotage is food friendly, meat, especially braaid/barbecued, pies, stews, some Pinotages go great with fish. I have no information on sales in Toronto