31 May 2015

WoTM Kanonkop 1995

My Wine of the Month for May is Kanonkop Pinotage 1995. Twenty years old and at peak perfection, this is a superb wine with a perfect balance of restrained fruits and soft tannins with a long sweet finish.

Irritatingly the cork broke, a recurring issue with old Kanonkops – I said back in 2007, after a 1999 cork crumbled, that would drink up my remaining 1995s aft. Well, I forgot so I was able to enjoy this superb wine – my last of this vintage. But I’d have preferred it without cork debris in the first glass.

Note the pleasingly uncluttered back label, today’s vintages are now graffitied with health and allergy warnings.

I don't know when I bought this, but it was before 2005 and has an unnamed shop's price label showing I paid £11.


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