03 September 2015

Cape Blend 2015 Finalists

The ten finalists for the ABSA/Pinotage Association Cape Blend Competition are

Anura ‘LB Cape Cuvée’ 2014        
(Pinotage/Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon)

Cloof ‘Inkspot Vin Noir’ 2011        
(Pinotage/Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Cinsaut)

Idiom ‘Cape Blend’ 2012  
(Pinotage/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Petit Verdot)

Kaapzicht ‘Steytler Vision’ 2012     
(Cabernet Sauvignon/Pinotage/Merlot)

KWV ‘Abraham Perold Tributum’ 2013       
(Cabernet Sauvignon/Pinotage/Shiraz/Malbec)

Namaqua ‘Cellar Door Pinotage/Malbec’ 2014          

Painted Wolf ‘Peloton Rouge’ 2011 

Pulpit Rock ‘Louisa Reserve’ 2012 
(Pinotage/Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec/Petit Verdot)

Romond  ‘Rebus Cape Cuvée’ 2011          
(Pinotage/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot)

Welbedacht ‘Hat Trick’ 2007         

Kaapzicht and Painted Wolf both were winners last year and KWV a finalist. Interesting to see Namaqua’s entry  is the only one of the ten whose blend (min 30%, max 70% Pinotage) doesn’t contain either (or both) Cabernet or Shiraz. 

Cabernet Sauvignon partners 8 times, Shiraz and Merlot each 5 times, Malbec 3 times, twice for Petit Verdot and once for  Cabernet Franc, Cinsaut, Grenache, Mourvedre,  and Viognier.

Congratulations and best wishes to all .

The five winners will be announced on 10 September.

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