01 April 2016

Amazing Pinotage and Pumpkin Cup Cake Pairing

"My favourite hands down was the pairing of the Pinotage and pumpkin," writes Nidha Narrandes of Johannesburg's Sunday World who visited Delheim Wines in Stellenbosch for a wine and cupcake  pairing.

The four pairs were
  • Pinotage rosé  with pomegranate cupcake.
  • Chenin Blanc Wild Ferment with a Rooibos cupcake infused with lemon, topped with a cream cheese and honey icing
  • Pinotage with a Pumpkin & vanilla cupcake infused with star anise, cinnamon and nutmeg,  topped with diced pickled pumpkin.
  • Gewurztraminer wine  with the traditional African Makataan cupcake, festooned with makataan (wild melon) syrup icing.

"The spicy pumpkin cupcake picked up every tone from the Pinotage and they waltzed together, an elegant taste. It is an amazing experience to try something unheard off and enjoy it that much", says Nidha.

Full report is here

Delheim say their Cupcake & Wine Pairing is on offer seven days a week at the cellardoor, between 9h00 and 16h30. Cupcakes are freshly baked each day and quantities are based upon  bookings which need to be made 24 hours in advance, details are here

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