31 March 2017

WoTM Neethlingshof 2014

My Wine of the Month for March 2017 is Neethlingshof Pinotage 2014 which accompanied my Sunday roast a few days after returning from the Cape. Fresh in my memory was my visit to Neethlingshof the previous week where I enjoyed the youthful 2016 vintage with lunch and then a few days later had the 2015 with dinner.

Back home I found a couple of bottles of the 2014, a Top 10 winner in 2015. Winemaker De Wet Viljoen had told me that the 2014 was large and ready for early drinking, and this wine was à point.

Beautiful rich plumy flavours underpinned by soft tannins. Deliciously drinkable, and while perfect now it’ll continue to be great drinking for the next few years. I’m going to keep my remaining bottle for a special occasion.

Note the ‘Conservation in Action’ badge. I’d normally have cropped this but just before I left the Cape I had lunch with a local who brought along a couple of bottles both with the sticker. He said he only buys wines with the ‘Conservation in Action’ logo and explained his reasons.   


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