07 November 2017

Pinotages Deserving Top Dollar

The always readable Emile Joubert, posting at Wine Goggle, argues that premium Pinotage is South Africa's trump card in international markets and that it is there premium Pinotages that will be accepted at high price points whereas consumers expect South African wines that duplicate others to be cheaper. 

He roots for two different expressions of the variety: 

Ashbourne 2015 "....an awe-inspiringly sensual drinking experience, heady flavours and visceral tastes held together by a perfect palate-weight of silk, scented body oil and eagle feathers. All brilliance, and a show-stopper in any language and any price." 


-Kanonkop 'Black Label' 2016 "possibly the most accessible vintage to date. ....chic and refined riffs of classy wine made from the variety. In the centre of the gentle tannins lies a fruit-core exuding sun, life and warm Simonsberg mountain rock. A bit of all-spice on the edges gives a Gevrey character, and a forest floor presence can be detected while feasting on the orchard bearing firm juicy cherries..."

Read the full article at The Wine Goggle


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