30 September 2019

WoTM - Short Street Pinotage Barbera 2018

My Wine of the Month for September is Short Street Pinotage Barbera 2018

I’ve not seen this blend before, so had to try it and was glad I did.

The winery behind the wine is not mentioned on the label, but as Short Street is “the shortest street in Riebeek Valley” and the appellation is Swartland I guessed it was made by Riebeek Cellars, which was confirmed by its A-Code - A250.

Riebeek don’t have such a blend shown on their website, so perhaps it is a special  bottling for UK importers Off-Piste Wines. It has a UK specific back label.

The blend proportions aren’t available, but since Pinotage is listed first I assume Barbera is the junior partner. However, from the taste there’s more than a dash of it.

On the nose there’s cedar wood and berry fruits. The wine is a rich damson red colour and it has a creamy mouthfeel backed by tannins. Barbera’s bright fruitiness shines. I really enjoyed this wine which had lots of fruit and spice.

It’s bottled in the Cape and closed with a screwcap. It cost £9.99 from Majestic in the UK

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