29 February 2020

WoTM- Delheim Vera Cruz Pinotage 1998

My Wine of The Month for February is Delheim 'Vera Cruz' Estate Pinotage 1998.

Vera's self-proclaimed cross was her husband, Michael 'Spatz' Sperling, the patriarch of Delheim who sadly passed away at 86 years on 8 October 2017. (see here)

I kept this wine longer than I should have, mainly because I lost track of it and had listed it as 'missing', only to recently find it.

The cork broke and although I managed to use the corkscrew to winkle out the lower half it was crumbling away.

The wine was pale pink in the glass, but had a delightful taste; aged certainly but elegant, with a sweetness I credited to the Pinotage variety. There was plenty of fine sediment and after about 45 minutes in the glass the wine started fading. But by then we had almost finished the bottle. 

Lovely, and an experience to savour, but I should have opened it earlier. 22 years is a long time for any wine.

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