28 February 2023

WoTM - KWV Cathedral Cellar Pinotage 2019

 My Wine of the Month for February 2023 is KWV Cathedral Cellar Pinotage 2019.

It's a very drinkable clean bright fruity wine with a bit more seriousness about  it than the basic KWV. It's savoury with berry fruits, and could be kept - but why when it's so good now?

Cathedral Cellar is the huge KWV cellar in Paarl lined with large 12,000 litre barrels with carved ends. At the end of the cellar are  tinted windows. A visiting poet said the cellar was a cathedral of wine.

The new KWV doesn't seem to set a foot wrong, and I have enjoyed their basic Pinotage. This is about double that price, and about half that of the premium Mentors brand.

 Note how a reader might assume Dr. Perold was working for KWV when he produced Pinotage,

I like the label produced especially for the centenary of the Cathedral Cellar.

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