08 October 2006

Laibach 2003 Pinotage

Intense dark garnet/purple colour. My first impression is of smokey bacon over ripe damsons and black cherries. There's a complexity of flavours, but over a core of tannins that are more prominent than I remember.

I think this wine is going through a dumb stage where the prominence of the fruit has dipped from my earlier tastes.

With a little more age I expect the tannins will soften and allow more of the fruit to shine through. All the same, it was a most enjoyable and drinkable wine that all to0 quickly emptied the bottle, leaving us wanting more.

I highly rate Laibach as a winery, although unfortunately we don't often see their wines on sale in the UK as they mostly go to Germany. In particular -- as well as their Pinotage -- their Bordeaux blends Dogleg and the organic Ladybird are worth looking out for.

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