29 October 2006

Môreson 2003

This was a winner in 2004 Top 10 Competition. I had several bottles which I've been drinking over the past year and have been very pleased with it. I'm now down to my last two bottles after opening one last night. This wine is drinking really well now, it was a real delight.

Beautiful rich colour and opulent up-front damson flavours. There are some complex undercurrents of tobacco and a slight pinot-noir like earthiness. This is a wine that develops, and I really should have opened it earlier -- or maybe decanted it. Something to remember for next time.

Môreson -- the name means morning sun -- are in the Franschhoek Valley which is not an area famous for Pinotage, but Môreson have shown the variety can do well there.

Môreson also use Pinotage in their white MCC sparkler, and such was the quality of the juice they bottled some as a dry still white wine. Unfortunately the Wine & Spirit Board wouldn’t approve this for sale, since they reckoned a white Pinotage didn't meet varietal characteristics. But I tasted some at the farm from an unlabelled bottle and it does make a crisp fruity wine.

Môreson web site at www.moreson.co.za

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