13 July 2007

Adventure of buying Pinotage

"If you're a wine aficionado", writes Madeline Triffon in Detroit News (12 July 2007) , "smacking your lips at the thought of a unique 'something' that resists easy definition, how can you avoid the adventure of buying Pinotage? Spend a little money. Cellar some bottles for a time. Look to be entertained and surprised."

The "don't miss" wine that has inspired her enthusiasm is Fort Ross Pinotage 2003, from California. "An elegant American Pinotage with delicious red berry fruit, oak spice and length.

"You'll be hard-pressed to find commercial plantings of Pinotage outside of South Africa. Here's one that's a superlative ambassador for South Africa's signature red grape... grown in Sonoma! Both red and black fruits abound, dark cherry, red plum, strawberry. There's well-integrated vanillin oak. The wine's flavor is vaguely Rhine-esque, with spice, warmth and well-mannered dryness. It doesn't need food to sing, but will be flexible with a range of dishes. Balanced, medium-bodied and smooth, it speaks 'quality.'"

The full article is here.

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