01 July 2007

Pinotage really delivers!

Tesco Finest Beyers Truter Pinotage"Anyone who is unconvinced as to the merits of Pinotage should get stuck into this. Rich, characterful fruit with a fine tannic structure, this well-priced Pinotage really delivers. Spicy, fruity, and very moreish, it makes you wonder why you ever doubted he variety in the first place. Absolutely no bubblegum notes - guaranteed."

2005 Tesco Finest Beyers Truter Pinotage - as reviewed in Harpers, the UK trade weekly on 22/6)

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  1. That looks good. Will have to try it.

    I am a Pinotage convert now, after trying your recommended Diemersfontein Peter. But then you knew that I would be I'm sure!Absolutely amazing...

  2. Anonymous12:28

    Jip Peter (k)nose his Pinotages! Thank you for your contribution and thus converting people to realise that Pinotage is a great wine to enjoy!