11 February 2008

Bon Courage 2006

Remarkably sweet nose and initial sweet taste. Lots and lots of ripe mulberry fruits with soft vanilla (American Oak??) creaminess in the middle and black olives on the finish.

This is a delightful crowd pleaser which we couldn’t resist drinking on its own as we waited for our steaks to arrive. There’s enough body, but as the bottle nears its end some doubts set in.

I can see why it so charmed the judges of the 2007 Top 10 because the first glass is a stunner of sheer upfront approachability.

But I found it became tiring to drink. By the third glass the sweetness palls. I found it too jammy and too soft for continued pleasurable drinking with food. The American term ‘fruit bomb’ seems appropriate.

But, boy, I did so enjoy that first glass.

Producer: Bon Courage
Variety: Pinotage
Vintage: 2006
Appellation: Estate WO Robertson
ABV: 14%
Made by: André and Jacques Bruwer

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  1. Anonymous22:12

    Peter, I am finding that most Pinotages exported to Canada nowadays are over 14% alcohol. I long for the older style Pinotages like the old Beyerskloof that had only 12.5%. Those levels made for such elegant, balanced classic reds - my favourite Pinotages. Too much alcohol and sweetness is indeed tiring. I am just afraid that vintners feel a need to push ripeness higher to avoid getting the so-called "paintbox" aromas in their wines. Yet those leaner Pinotages were amazing - wish we saw more of them these days.