09 March 2008

Where is this Pinotage Vineyard?

Here's a two year old Pinotage vineyard in a location that might surprise you. The high-flying owner owns a winery in South Africa, but the picture wasn't taken there. Can you guess where in this world it is?


  1. no idea who you are referring to, but as a total and complete guess, and only because I think I heard it mentioned recently, is it New Zealand?

  2. The Karoo?

    Tee hee.

    OK, voted.

  3. Good guesses, but not close.

    The Karoo is in South Africa, and this vineyard is definitely not in SA.

    New Zealand is a good guess -- there are a lot of Pinotage vineyards in NZ, but this one is not in NZ

  4. Spain is mye guess..

  5. Spain is a great guess. I was contacted some time ago by a Spanish winery that wanted to know where they could buy Pinotage vines to plant and I put them in touch with a nursery. But they were not allowed to plant Pinotage because it wasn't approved in their DOC area.

    AFAIK there are no Pinotage plantings in Spain.

  6. Is it Lake Breeze winery in British Columbia?

  7. Um, Canada...

    Good guess, Richard. There are two Pinotage commercial vineyards in British Columbia and one vineyard in Ontario (see http://www.pinotage.org/2006/10/ontarios-first-pinotage-vintage-this.html ) , but this vineyard isn't in Canada

  8. Let me try another guess. Lovingston Winery in Virginia?

  9. Anonymous11:41


  10. Lovingston is a good guess, Richard: It is one of three Pinotage wineries in Virginia and since they've all been featured in this blog it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. This vineyard is in a place never mentioned anywhere AFAIK in connection with Pinotage

    Cru -- there were persistent rumours of Pinotage in Germany but I never could find any. AFAIK there is no Pinotage in Germany.

  11. My guess would be Chech Republic...

  12. Hi Liberty

    I've been to the Czech Republic a few times recently and they have some interesting grapes there....

    But they don't have any Pinotage and this photo was not taken anywhere near there.

  13. Hi Peter,

    Looking at the soil - is it Israel?

    Good competition! Am dying to know the answer!



  14. south of France (Languedoc/Roussillon) maybe ?

  15. Nick

    Good guess in Israel -- there are two commercial wineries growing and making Pinotage in Israel, but since their wines have already been featured here, the guess is not correct.

    g74 - thats a canny guess. There are quite a few South African winemakers who have bought vineyards in Southern France, but I think they were excited by the ancient Grenache, Carignan and Syrah vines there, and AFAIK none of them have thought of planting Pinotage there