10 July 2008

98 Points and Double Gold for Vino Con Brio

Vino Con Brio are celebrating that their 2005 Pinotage scored 98 points and won Double Gold and Best in Class awards in the "Alternative Red" category of the California State Fair Wine Competition.

The formal announcement will be made at this evenings California Grape and Gourmet charity event in Sacramento

The California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition is the oldest and most prestigious wine competition in North America and is open to California bonded wineries selling retail. In 2007, 661 wineries entered 3,029 varieties of wines into the annual judging contest.

Vino Con Brio, in Lodi, has North America's largest Pinotage vineyard and their first vintage was 2000. Mike Matson planted Pinotage after he discovered that Lodi had a very similar microclimate to Cape Town. The two areas share the exact same numbers on heat summation tables.
Congratulations to Vino Con Brio!


  1. Anonymous12:25

    Peter - Have you ever tasted this wine?? I would love to get my hands on this baby. But I take it it will be pricy?

  2. Yes, I have tasted Vino Con Brio Pinotage -- not this vintage though. A friend visited the winery and brought a bottle home for me.

    It is not pricy - it is $20, which is not expensive in the USA for an estate wine.