16 July 2008

Mellasat 'M' 2003

M’ is the flagship wine from Mellasat Vineyards in Paarl. ‘M’'s maiden 2003 vintage is a blend of three assertive varieties, Shiraz, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon. Owner Stephen Richardson, an Englishman who farms in Norfolk, says ‘M’ “brings together the excitement of Shiraz, the uniqueness of Pinotage and the nobility of Cabernet Sauvignon.” With just 21% Pinotage to 64% Shiraz and 15% Cab, it doesn’t meet the standard ‘Cape Blend’ description but it is unlikely you’d find a similar blend elsewhere.

I first tasted this wine when it was released 12 months ago and thought it needed more time and it still seemed very young yesterday.

Mellasat ‘M’ 2003
WO Paarl 13.5% abv
Deep red colour. Initial taste impression is of a sweet softness with youthful berry fruits aplenty. There’s some creamy vanilla flavours and cedar wood on a lingering finish. It is not high in alcohol, but at times tasted a bit hot. I do wish I had kept this
wine for a few more years, because while it is pleasurable drinking now, I don’t think it is anywhere near its peak and I believe ‘M’ 2003 will mature into a very classy wine.

Mellasat’s intriguing name is an anagram of the first two letters of the Richardson family's first names.

2003 is the current vintage of ‘M’ and it is available in South Africa and the UK; stockist details on the Mellasat website.

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