12 July 2009

Easy drinking Golden Kaan Pinotage 2006

Golden Kaan is a brand that has not yet reached the UK so I was pleased to be able to taste this bottle given to me at the London Wine fair. The question I forgot to ask is what ‘Kaan’ means. Google says it is Hindi for ‘ear’ and I suppose the map of Africa looks a little like an ear, but why a wine intended for the German market should use a Hindi name is beyond me.

Golden Kaan was set up five years ago as a partnership between the German Racke company and Paarl based wine giant KWV. The range, with its distinctive label design, was immediately successful in its target market and then expanded into the USA where it soon became a top seller in California -- as reported here.

This wine comes from the excellent 2006 vintage and was a hit with my dining partner who loved it for being ‘smooth and fruity with subdued tannins’. I found it a clean fresh modern style wine quite light bodied and fruit forward which slipped down very easily, though it didn't show overly much Pinotage characteristics.
Sealed with a plastic closure, presumably because of lack of US market acceptance of screwcaps.

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  1. Hi Peter:
    I liked the Golden Kaan SHIRAZ which was a stunning success with my friends & tasting group in Ireland.
    Womder why you went that far guessing about the name of theat wine:
    my take is: GOLDN Africa: the Golden Continent, KAAN: derived from AFRIKAANS, one of the core languages spoken in South Africa.