15 March 2010

Inniskillin 2006 Discovery Series Pinotage

Thanks to wine writer Kathleen Rake in Canada for the following review:

Inniskillin 2006 Discovery Series Pinotage:
$29.99/13.5% ABV.

I decanted this Pinotage for about an hour before serving it.
Made from 100% Pinotage grapes, this wine presents blackberry jam, smoke, the earth, and something a little tropical (banana?) on the nose, along with juicy fresh ripe raspberries, red fruit, spice and soft tannins on the palate.
It paired well with a grilled strip loin steak, oven-roasted rosemary potatoes, and home-made Caesar salad. But you know what? It worked okay as a sipper on its own.

Review Copyright (c) Kathleen Rake 2010 ( Click Media Works ) and used with permission. First published on Between The Vines. Thanks Kathleen.


  1. Pinotage always does Kathleen.....it always does!

  2. Anonymous18:57

    I had the Inniskillin 'tage on my honeymoon last summer in Victoria, B.C. It was great. I remember the banana very well, and what a silky finish! It was great to find that people are giving it a try outside of S.A. I'd like to see winemakers give it a try here, in Oregon.

  3. Dear anon

    I'm pleased to tell you that Oregon has Pinotage! See http://www.pinotage.org/2009/09/oregon-joins-club.html