29 August 2016

Pinotage was a Decision of the Heart

“Our Pinotage was a decision of the heart," says Jennifer Molgat, (left) owner of The View winery in British Columbia, Canada, in an interview with Brandi Parnell in Mint Magazine

Jennifer says “My father had close friends in South Africa. He traveled there and fell in love with the wine. I think people thought he was crazy when he returned home with a decision to grow Pinotage; in hindsight, it was the right decision because it is an early ripening red – perfect for our region”

The View was the first winery in Canada to make a Pinotage rosé and this year they released a  blanc de noir White Pinotage 2015.

Read the full story, with some great photos by Sharla Pike  here

Read about my own visit to The View with a video see here


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