31 December 2016

WoTM KWV Classic Collection Pinotage 2015

My Wine of the Month for December 2016 is KWV ‘Classic Collection’ Pinotage 2015

KWV have been making excellent wines in recent years, the Mentors range in particular, and their exceptional Cape Blend Abraham Perold Tributum’.

The Classic Collection is, I believe, their entry level label. But the Pinotage doesn’t disappoint.

It’s bright in the glass with medium colour. Made in a modern style, clean as a whistle with fresh spicy fruit flavours and very drinkable. An everyday Pinotage at a very competitive price. Closed with cork.

(I’m a bit puzzled by the assertion on the front label that ‘Western Cape is one of the top wine producing regions in South Africa’.: surely it is, without doubt, the top, with only minimal amounts of wine grown outside.)

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