30 April 2018

WoTM - Fairview Barrel Aged Pinotage 2016

My Wine of the Month for April is Fairview ‘Barrel Aged’ Pinotage 2016.

The label is slightly different from the one on Fairview’s site and the back label says it’s an exclusive bottling for the UK supermarket chain Waitrose, but whether the contents are really any different is a trade secret. 

The regular bottling has ten months aging in 15% new French and American oak barrels (same as this wine according to Waitroses website), and the abv and WO are the same.

It was good to see Fairview on the shelves, looking back it seems my purchases in recent years has been at the winery, presumably as a result of not seeing them at home.

This deliciously enjoyable wine had all the hallmarks of good Pinotage: lashings of ripe plum and berry flavours with a spicy edge and a backbone of gentle tannins.

Excellent with chicken tikka jalfrezi.

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