22 May 2018

Trajan Totus Pinotage is Best Buy in Shanghai

Trajan Wines 'Totus' limited release Pinotage  was unanimously voted by a panel of Chinese wine experts as the best-buy wine in the category of still red wines valued between EU4 and EU8 on show at last weeks 19th SIAL China International Trade Fair for Food  in Shanghai.

Trajan Wines managing director Mark van Schalkwyk said “I think what makes this award so special is that the Totus limited is a Pinotage, which is made from a 100 percent South African grape. I hope that this vote of confidence from the Chinese will translate into growth in exponential value for this particular wine. This award definitely means we are on the right path if you look at the style of wine we produce for this particular market.”

The news, reported in The Citizen, doesn't mention the vintage of the winning wine. Trajan's website shows only information about their 2008 vintage.

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