27 June 2018

Pinotage Plantings - Dramatic Increase

Pinotage is the only red variety of South Africa's 10 most planted wine grapes to have increased over the past 10 years.

SA Wine Industry Information & Systems (SAWIS) reports the total area under Pinotage is now  6,979 ha, up from 6.5% to 7.4% of the total area under vines.

Domestic sales have increased to over 5 million litres, from 3 million litres at the turn of the century,  and exports since 2001 have gone from just over 8 million litres a year to close on 19 million litres.

Pinotage sales in South Africa’s two biggest export markets, the UK and Germany, have grown from 3.5m and 0.8m litres in 2001 to over 5m and 5.4m litres respectively, with 2017 sales to China and Russia (2.6m and 1.5m litres) now greater than Sweden, the USA, France and Denmark.

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