30 June 2018

WoTM – Flagstone ‘Writer’s Block’ Pinotage 2014

WoTM – Flagstone ‘Writer’s Block’ Pinotage 2014

My Wine of the Month for June is Flagstone ‘Writer’s Block’ Pinotage 2014.

Viticulturist Anton Koos in the Silkbush Pinotage vineyard
This is sourced from Silkbush Vineyards in the Breede River that also supplies top of the range Time.Place.Manner. It was a Pinotage Top 10 winner in 2016.

And it was gorgeous, sophisticated with overtones of cedar wood shavings. It was  delicious with elegant restrained blackcurrant fruit flavours. Not overt but delicate and, unfortunately, it was my only bottle because I think it will have an interesting long life.

The back label suggests these food matches ‘braised Springbok fillet, spicy lamb stew, and seven Indian curries’.

Tantalisingly it doesn’t name the seven curries. So I think that seven has an extraneous ‘s’…..

The Pinotage block in Silkbush Vineyard

Flagstone's Pinotage (arrowed) is at the top of the vineyard 

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