22 June 2019

Pinotage Puddings

There’s something sweet in the air, and it’s Pinotage.   This week has seen two recipes, both featuring Pinotage, from wineries about as far distant as possible.

First is Delheim Pinotage Salted Chocolate and Berry Ice Cream by Elmarie Berry who says “we absolutely love this no-churn ice cream; it is super easy to make and you will get goose bumps with every bite. Great flavour complexity and texture and the best of both worlds! 

Elmarie's recipe is here. 

From the View Winery, in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley on the north west of Canada, owner  Jennifer Turton-Molgat makes trifle from her prize winning  Pinotage Rosé.

Jennifer enjoyed her Nana’s special Sherry Jelly with whipped cream at Christmas or New Years Eve. She says 

“although we found the Sherry flavour somewhat potent as children, my brothers, sisters, cousins and I still relished the dessert. 

With the transition of our family orchard into grapevines and winemaking it seemed only natural to try using wine instead of sherry in Nana’s recipe. Pinotage Rosé is one of my personal favourites. Its vivid strawberry notes and mouth-watering acidity make a delicious, flavourful jelly.”

The View Rosé has won multiple gold awards nationally and been awarded Best Rosé at the Best of BC Wine Awards 2011.

The recipe for Jennifer Turton-Molgat Nana’s Pinotage Rosé Jelly  is here. (as reported by Jennifer Schell for Vernon Info News) 

(Image courtesy Delheim)

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