30 June 2019

WoTM - Spier Seaward Pinotage 2017

My Wine of the Month for June is Spier ‘Seaward’ Pinotage 2017.

Spier makes  excellent Pinotage , especially their top of the range 21 Gables.

Seaward comes in a tall heavy deeply punted bottle. It was lighter bodied than I expected, but had some lovely red cherry flavours and spiciness. There was a waft of cedar wood on the nose.

There is no information about Seaward Pinotage on Spier’s website which says “Spier has spent the last two years developing a unique duo of wines that pay homage to the benefits of growing grapes along the coast. The aptly titled Seaward range is comprised of a sophisticated, lightly-wooded Chardonnay and a layered, spicy Shiraz.”

It also says “The Seaward range will be exclusively available from the Spier wine shop from May onwards, and in stores from July 2019” which is strange because I bought this in May from Majestic in the UK, and a Seaward Cabernet and Chenin are also on the UK market. 

Seaward Pinotage is priced about two-thirds of the cost of 21 Gables, and double the cost of the Signature Pinotage.

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