31 October 2019

WoTM - Neethlingshof Owl Post Pinotage 2015

My Wine of The Month for October is  Neethlingshof Estate 'Owl Post' Pinotage 2015.

Owl Post is a barrel selection from hand picked single vineyard Pinotage, named after posts erected through-out the vineyard.  

Neethingshof says “The Owl Post recognises Neethlinghof’s integrated pest management system. Owls play an important role in keeping rodent infestations in check (and without the use of chemicals). To encourage the return of these nocturnal birds of prey to the estate, Neethlingshof successfully erected breeding-friendly owl posts in the vineyards.”

Winemaker De Wet Viljoen told me that he thought the 2015 Owl Post would reach its best in 2019.

On pouring it was opaque, a dense dusty red/black damson colour. On the nose there's cedarwood and berry fruits. This is a serious wine, slowly revealing dark plums, damsons and cherries, with a hint of tobacco and leather. Though enjoyable drinking now, this is one that will last.

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