08 October 2020

Pinotage in the Media

 With International Pinotage Day approaching fast on 10 October there have been a number of recommendations in the media.

The Independent (UK Newspaper) list their choice of the best 10 Pinotages, and choose their best buy as Marks & Spencer's plainly labelled Pinotage

"The best buy is the M&S Classics No. 16, 2020, a smooth, full-flavoured and supple introduction to Pinotage that's recently arrived on the shelves and fully deserves its place there."

They review  Majestic's own label Definition 2018, Fairview Barrel-Aged 2019, "both great value wines for under £10", B Vintners, Liberté 2017, Billy Bosch Reserve Pinotage/Shiraz 2018, Kanonkop Kadette Rosé 2018 concluding that "Bowood is intense and hugely enjoyable while the gold-medal winning Môreson MKM Moraka Klaas Maffa 2016 and standard-setting David & Nadia Pinotage Siebritskloof 2017 are great wines by any definition of the term.

The Burnley Express (UK)list 8 of the best South African wines and praise Marks & Spencer Classic 2020 and Fairview Barrel-Aged 2019. They also list Bellevue Estate Houdamond 2016 and Kanonkop Kadette 2018.


Based in Oregon, The Manual website features 'Exploring South Africa’s Pinotage Wine Grape', reviewing two from South Africa, Rijk’s Wine 2015 Reserve  & Kanonkop Kadette 2018, and two US examples, Lovingston Winery 2017 (Virginia) & Loma Prieta 2017 (California), though it's not clear which wine is reviewed as Loma Prieta make single vineyard bottlings from different places and the review is illustrated by two reds from different vintages but not 2017 and a sparkling white Pinotage.



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