27 November 2021

Beeslaar 2018 - 'more layers than a millefeuille'

Matthew Jukes writing in MoneyWeek says of Beeslaar Pinotage 2018 

Beeslaar has nothing but pristine, gloriously appointed, velvety fruit – it is shaped like a super Tuscan, built like a Cape(d) crusader and I know everyone who feels like me about this tricky grape will go nuts about this wine. Well done, Abrie – you are a veritable magician.

He also likes 2020 Radford Dale, Vinum Pinotage.

I agree with him that Abrie Beeslaar makes excellent Pinotage under his own label (and for Kanonkop). 

But I wonder how much weight should be given to reviews of Pinotage by those who don't like - and thus rarely drink  -  the variety. When they find a well made example they think it is an exception, rather than today's norm.

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