22 June 2007

Nosing Diemersfontein

The Nose is a welcoming restaurant and wine bar in the Green Point area of Cape Town. I was impressed with their chatty and wide ranging wine list which changes every month and offers a good selection of wines by the glass.

I started with a glass of the amazing Springfield Estate Special Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc 2006 while I browsed Nose's informative wine list . There I read that of all the wines they sold during 2006, the best-seller of the year by far was a Pinotage. Despite the negative comments we keep reading, people are voting with their money and they are choosing Pinotage.

Which one?

The Nose's People's Pinotage was Diemersfontein's coffee and chocolate stunner.

So, what else could I do but order a glass of that to accompany my Nose Burger which was much better than its name - "200g of the finest ground beef mixed with our secret herbs and spices and flame-grilled to your liking. Served on a fresh-baked roll with homemade pickled cucumbers, lettuce, tomato and chunky potato wedges."

They were now serving Diemersfontein's 2006 vintage (35R a glass), and you know what? It was scrummy --but you don't need me to tell you that.

The attentive waiter asked if I wanted a coffee to follow. I declined. How could ordinary coffee follow that wine?

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  1. Anonymous13:27

    the nose is one of my favourite wine haunts - i can often be seen there sipping on some well chosen vino and using the free wifi!!

    cathy has got the mix and approach just right - the monday evening introduction to wine wine course is great fun!!