16 June 2007

Pink Pinotage sweeps all before it

The Pink Pinotage bandwagon sweeps all before it.

In today's Daily Telegraph (UK) there's a page of wines selected for what their wine writer Jonathan Ray calls "the capricious season that we call an English summer."

He lists four pink wines, "two still and two sparkling - that deserve a special mention with summer in mind." And half of them are Pinotages -- Flagstone's 2006 Semaphore Rosé and Simonsig's Brut Rosé NV fizz. (The Telegraoh says NV, but in fact the wine is vintage 2005, tho' the year is not very clear)

Who'd have thunk it?


  1. Hi Peter,

    What a beautiful colour the Simonsig Rose is - I'll have to try it!

    Thanks for the tip


  2. Wow...I never knew they made Rose from Pinotage. I will definitely have to hunt these down to try them. Thanks for the info.